For Girls Growing into Their Hips

"Hannah Sawyerr is a writer who considers womanhood and race with an admirable urgency; her poems harness momentum and barrel across the page with equal doses of grace and take-no-prisoners confidence. Although grappling with the most difficult experiences of being a woman, Sawyerr explores what it means to regret and to praise, to endure trauma and elevate joy, and ultimately, what it means to own everything that has tried to level you and still craft a self to be marveled. Brava, sis!"

—Elizabeth Acevedo, National Poetry Slam Champion and Author of Beastgirl & Other Origin Myths and The Poet X

“A brilliant metaphor for the struggles, joys, and overall life experiences many Black women and girls face, Hannah Sawyerr's For Girls Growing into Their Hips tackles womanhood, sexuality, faith, resolve, survival, reclamation, and the myriad shades of love (or not) -- for others, for God, for self. Her voice, unapologetic. Her tone, powerful. Her soul, bared."

–Andréa Butler, editor-in- chief/publisher of Sesi magazine

“From insecurities to self-proclaimed victories, Sawyerr details an intimate rendering of her maturation into woman-ness. Her poems are filled with the whispers of the unknown of our woman-selves, the misfortune the world tries to make of us, and how to grow comfortable with what we are to become.”

–Lady Brion, National Poetry Slam Champion and Activist

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